With every difficulty there is
Ease  Counselling Services

This service offers:

  • General Counselling

  • Visual arts & counselling

  • Relationship counselling

  • PRe-marital 

  • ISlamic Pre-Marital 

  • COuple

  • FAmily

  • online & phone

General counselling

I have a particular focus on striving to bridge the gap between cultures & offer therapy that is respectful towards clients own worldview.

Counselling services suitable for individuals, couples & family issues.

Counselling sessions can be held in my Clinic room or a home visit can be arranged. Online or phone options are also available.


Counselling services address issues such as:


  • Grief & Loss

  • Family Issues

  • Acculturation Issues

  • Youth

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Marriage Relationships

  • Personal Issues

  • Other Concerns


I have a background in Creative Arts

and offer Counselling using visual arts as a modality.

I have found that there is often times when things cannot be spoken about.

Interacting with materials can be a soothing way to work through different issues.

Most importantly there is no need to feel

you have to be good at art,

the process is more about the journey

and an opportunity to grow.

Art modalities can include pastels, painting, working with clay or collage.

I have a small work space beside the clinic room.


  • Individual sessions

  • Group Sessions of up to 3

  • Group sessions 3 or more upon request.

  • In home counselling with Art can also be negotiated


& counselling




The most important aspect about

Supervision is having a safe place to learn and reflect on your practice

External supervision, outside your work place, offers a neutral environment where supervisor and supervisee can hold up practice issues to the light, be curious and consider possibilities.

I am a registered ACA member

and have been admitted to the

ACA College of Supervisors (ACACOS). 

Part of my role is to be a gatekeeper for professional practice, ethical boundaries and ensure accountability.

Supervision is an integral part of the helping professions and is a tool that nurtures each supervisee as they forge their own identity and unique ways of interacting with clients.

Practice incorporates a lot of different complex set of interactive connections - this may involve:

Selves, families, clients, collegues, couples,

teams, organisations, private practice and systems


Relationship counselling


With every difficulty there is EASE counselling services is dedicated to help strengthen community and the best way to do this is to help people develop strong family bonds.

It is my desire to strive to help reduce family dysfunction

This service is able (on request of couples or families)

to incorporate guidance from the

Quran and Sunnah

as well as modern techniques in dealing with

pre-marital, marital or family issues.

relationship services:









In today’s world there is more failed marriages than those that with all the ups and downs still manage to grow and become a marriage of ever closer union.

It is the belief of this practice that being prepared and developing techniques and skills to handle issues before they surface will help path the way for a successful marriage.

To better prepare couples who are getting ready to marry

  • It is hoped that a space can be provided that is neutral where some of the concerns and questions that the couple might have could be safely highlighted.

  • It is helpful to learn to understand each other’s thinking and objectively look inwards as to how compatible their thinking is.

Some topics that can be covered:

  1. Compatibility

  2. Communications

  3. Interpersonal Communication

  4. Interests and Activities

  5. Expectations

  6. Personal Adjustment

  7. Personalities and Families of Origin

  8. Religion and Ethnicity

  9. Family Issues

  10. Finances

  11. Long Term Goals

  12. Children (and Parenting)

  13. Intimacy and Sexuality

  14. Conflict Resolution


Islamic Pre-Marital

This service also offers Islamic pre- marital counselling

This includes a list of questions that is particularity helpful for couples living in Australia where assumptions and expectations could be different to those who have various different cultural backgrounds.

As well as relevant discussions about general marriage issues Islamic

Pre-marital counselling will include:       

  • What Quran and Sunnah say about happy marriage?

  • The rights of the husband and of the wife

  • A list of questions that young couples could find helpful to know about each other when choosing a spouse

  • Issues regarding Islamic Marriage Contract and agreement.



There are many steps to mending relationships, is counselling an option?

When facing problems -- either marital trouble, financial difficulties, mental health issues, or otherwise -- Some people consider it degrading or inappropriate to speak of one's troubles to others.

Professional counsellors, can help save a person's happiness, marriage, or life.

With every difficulty there is EASE counselling services is able to balance an understanding of faith issues on clients request, with health care guidance grounded in the medical profession.

Muslims should not feel reluctant to seek support if they feel that they cannot cope.

All relationships experience ups and downs, families are central to building who we are. Sometimes when these very important bonds fails us and things begin to fracture, it can be tough to see a solution in these relationships.

Just who do you turn to when this source of trust and reliance is no longer there?

With Every difficulty there is EASE counselling services offers professional counselling for all parties and upholds strict ethics in regard to your privacy and confidentiality.

Relationships can often be challenging, particularly when there are varying beliefs, opinions, cultures, and/or backgrounds involved. Each couple or family is treated as a unique individual case.

What do you do if your partner does not want to participate in counselling?

Every counselling session can add value to your life experience if one person in a relationship gains skills or has an opportunity to reflect about their issues there can always be a positive impact on both an individual and in turn all their relationships.

Please don’t hesitate  to call

0433 377 986

I can also offer free fifteen minute consultations so you can see if you or your family members feel comfortable with me as your therapist.